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Quality Policy
W.K. Hillquist, Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction through continuous improvement while committing to comply to requirements.
Contract Review
All customer orders are reviewed before acceptance to assure that the required work can be done an that it will comply with specified customer requirements.
New mold Verification
Quality Assurance provides our customers  with complete First Article inspection reports for all new customer parts as well as the option to run process capability studies to ensure consistent quality products from start to finish.
Quality products are provided by continuously monitoring product from beginning to end, using documented First Piece, In Process and Final Inspection Procedures.
Customers can have confidence that their product will be inspection or tested with state of the art equipment. All of  test and measuring equipment is calibrated by a certified calibration company with standards traceable to N.I.S.T.
Product Identification and Tracking
All product produced by W.K. Hillquist is identified throughout the manufacturing process and can be traced back to the raw material manufacture. W.K. Hillquist is certified as a Component-Fabricated Parts manufacturer by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
UL assigned code #A1553

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W.K. Hillquist, Inc.
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