W.K. Hillquist, Inc. - Plastic Injection Molding, Mold Making

Plastic Mold Making

We are currently using Pro/Engineer, Pro/Mold, CADKey and Surfcam.

We specialize in Aluminum molds, but we also make steel molds when required.

We currently use an outside source for tool calibration of our 8 surface plates, cmm, optical comparators, gage blocks and hand tools as well individual tools that the mold makers own.  They are on a 1 & 2 year cycle.  They  are  traceable to qualified standards and fully documented.


Mold Maintenance
We have a mold maintenance area that is set up to disassemble, clean, trouble shoot and document every mold that is run.  When work is complete they are tagged, dated and put on mold rack.  This prepares the mold for next production run.


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